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Feel free to download the following publications from Wade&Partners and use them in your business.

The White Paper White PaperThe White Paper White Paper. (Craig Fry) What are marketing white papers? How should you write them? How should use them? What should you include? More imporantly, what should you leave out? It's all here in a 325 Kb Acrobat document.

Available for PurchaseAftermarket Innovation. (Bill Wade) This 78-page book is a guide to help any organization encourage innovation within the ranks. The chapters cover such topics as the importance of defining a destination, key innovation concepts and trends in the aftermarket. It's available for purchase. Please call for more information.

Invisible WordsInvisible Words (Craig Fry) This letter-sized poster contains simple instructions on a sure-fire way to waste thousands of dollars on advertising. Or maybe you'd like to check it to see if you have already wasted thousands of dollars on advertising. It's suitable for framing. Maybe you'll want to print in out and leave it (anonymously, of course) on the desk of your marketing manager.

Available for PurchaseAspects of Marketing and Economics in Heavy-Duty Truck Parts Distribution and Service (Bill Wade and Craig Fry) This training manual discusses what is needed for the profitable operation of distribution and the importance of customer service in the heavy-duty parts and service market. It contains fourteen chapters covering topics such as the evolution of distributors and their functions, understanding the overall profit picture and consolidation realities. It's available for purchase. Please call for more information.

Hardball MarketingHardball Marketing (Wade&Partners) The great thing about having a plan is that it defines a clear-cut path. The direction is certain. The forces are marshalled and ready. So why doesn't the plan work? Find out why in "Hardball Marketing" (a 697 Kb Acrobat file).

Essential Concepts of AftermarketingEssential Concepts of Aftermarketing (Wade&Partners) Did you know that there are nine basic marketing concepts that are essential to the aftermarket? They will effect your businiess whether you recognize them or not. So you might as well embrace them. Better yet, master them. They're all in this booklet, available as a 155 Kb Acrobat download.


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A game for everyone who thinks it's easy to drive a semi.

Invisible Words

How to waste thousands of advertising dollars.

Service Weapon White Paper

Service as a competitive weapon for heavy vehicles.

The White Paper White Paper

How to write a marketing white paper.