Bill Wade



IF YOU'VE ATTENDED ONE OF OUR SEMINARS and you're looking for a copy of the presentation that we promised to post online, you've come to the right place. We've converted the PowerPoint files to Acrobat so that more people could view them.

Determination of Door Rates

A presentation made by Gordon Botts representing ACOFAS at the Service Opportunities and Learning Day (SOLD) of HDAW 2013.

This Economy Is Not a Dress Rehearsal.

A presentation by Bill Wade made at HDAW 2013.

Examining Service: The Life-Blood of the Traditional Independent Heavy Duty Aftermarket

A presentation by Bill Wade made at the Service Opportunities and Learning Day (SOLD) of HDAW13.

Dissecting Trends in Distributor Private Label(878 Kb)
Bill Wade

A joint presentation by Bill Wade and Bruce Merrifield at the GAAS.

Nine Basic Principles of the Aftermarket (1.3 Mb)
(learned over 40 years and 37 product lines)
Bill Wade

Presented to undergrads of the University of the Aftermarket at Northwood University.

Ten Years After "The Big One" (589 Kb)
Bill Wade

Presented at the SSA Annual Convention in San Diego, CA.

Ethics in the Aftermarket (8.4 Mb)
Craig Fry

Presented at the Next Generation Seminar held in Midland, MI at Northwood University.

Customer Bonding (854 Kb)
Bill Wade

Presented at the SSA meeting in Savannah, Georgia, this presentation discusses customer bonding as the driving force in service shops' brand/price strategy. It discusses Wade's three distinct strategic options: system lock-in, total solutions and best product.

The World Is Flat (3.5 Mb)
Bill Wade

This presentation discusses events in history that has led the way to globalization and the benefits that come along with it.

Aspects of Predictive Maintenance (775 Kb)
Bill Wade

Presented at the Detroit HDA meeting, this presentation discusses many of the important aspects of the upcoming field of preventive maintenance as it affects the heavy duty trucking industry and takes a critical look at just how important this new technology will be to parts manufacturers and fleets in the years immediately ahead.

Brand Equity PowerPoint Presentation (279Kb)
Bill Wade

As it turns out, the most valuable asset your company has is probably the one that's most neglected.

Major Technology Trends (750Kb)
Bill Wade

What are the key areas of technology development likely to define the business over the near and intermediate term?

Send Me in Coach! (345Kb)
Bill Wade

Good management technique is closer to the art of coaching than to some scientific “technique du jour.”

Survival Economics (394Kb)
Bill Wade

Presented at the CFS conference in Salt Lake City, this presentation outlines basic business economic concepts that are necessary for heavy-duty distributors. It also contains survival secrets that will help distributors to get through the difficult years ahead. If you attended the conference, you'll want the presentation. This all-text PowerPoint file is only about 213 Kb.

Counter Intuition (194 Kb)
Bill Wade

What's happening in the trucking industry?

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Test Your Skill

A game for everyone who thinks it's easy to drive a semi.

Invisible Words

How to waste thousands of advertising dollars.

Service Weapon White Paper

Service as a competitive weapon for heavy vehicles.

The White Paper White Paper

How to write a marketing white paper.